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Welcome to Wagg&Walk

August 5, 2016

So firstly I better start off with introducing myself, my name is Hannah and I have ALWAYS had a huge passion from all things canine. When I was younger I wasn’t allowed a dog due to the size our house and when we moved I was finally allowed my first dog, an Airedale Terrier who I named Saxon. After a few years we also took on a German Shepherd called Ella and we spent many happy years walking together. Both lived to a good age and just before Ella got poorly I collected the dog who owns me now – Vinnie the Vizsla! Dogs have always and will always continue to be a huge part of my life which is how Wagg&Walk came about.

I knew I wanted to turn my passion into a business so set the business up in 2012 and haven’t looked back once, even in the pouring rain! As the years went by I soon realised I needed to take on another pair of hands to help with the workload so with that asked my friend of 10 years Romi to join me with the walking. Romi has been walking dogs with Wagg&Walk for 18 months now and I couldn’t imagine not having her on board as she is reliable, honest and above all loves dogs just as much as me! My motto is ‘a tired dog is a happy dog’ and I absolutely stand by this statement as not only physical but mental stimulation is so important for a dogs well-being and happiness. I wear a fitbit to track how far I walk in a day and as it stands the amount to beat for one days walking is 35,000.